About the Gregg Pearson Foundation

The Gregg Pearson Foundation was founded in 2008 as a response to a family tragedy. Since that time, the foundation has become a blessing for many by helping others by providing financial, spiritual, and emotional support to family and friends who are dealing with cancer and other acute illnesses.  Our assistance is directed towards individuals in the North Texas region.

  Financial Support

We assist individuals and families with mortgage or rent payments, utility bills, vehicle payments, or other bills they have piling up because of their mounting medical bills. We understand our impact will be greater when we leverage our funds wisely. The GPF Executive Board meets regularly to discuss each specific request to determine how we can best support the individual or family.

 Spiritual Support

Through our Spiritual Support Team, our Executive Board Members, our Advisory Board Members, the public Prayer Wall on this site, and the regular involvement of our staff, the GPF provides much needed spiritual support when the individuals or families need it the most. We are dedicated to making a direct impact on individual lives through loving and serving their spiritual needs.

 Emotional Support

Many times, we connect individuals with others in similar situations or those that have gone through similar situations to provide vital emotional support. This emotional support goes a long way in the healing process. We also help to locate professionals that can help service the individual’s emotional needs.