Fighter in Focus: Jackson Merriman

What type of illness are you battling?

In September 2008 at 9 months old, Jackson had his first brain surgery that revealed he had MRSA infection on his brain. After many more tests, treatments and procedures, blood tests revealed that Jackson’s immune system was not working correctly, and in January 2009 he was diagnosed with NEMO and Ectodermal Dysplasia. Jackson was the 13th in the US to be diagnosed with this rare immune deficiency.

jackson-hikingWhat types of treatments have you endured so far?

After getting Jackson stable with daily preventive medicines and weekly infusion to help stimulate his weak immune system, we found out that the only cure was a Bone Marrow Transplant. Due to insurance restrictions, we needed to travel to Denver, Colorado to The Children’s Hospital for the transplant in March 2010. Jackson spent 10 weeks in the hospital and 4 months in a very clean, sterile environment before coming home to Dallas.

What types treatments you have endured so far?

Chemotherapy, radiation, and multiple surgeries, including a double modified radical mastectomy.

How old are you?

Jackson is 3 years old.

How did you hear about the GPF and how has the GPF been involved with you?

We came home to a completely clean home. We needed a clean environment for Jackson, so people reached out and helped. People donated hard wood floors for our house and Pearson A/C donated a whole new heating and air conditioning system to help lower the bacteria in the air. We have been so blessed by people like the Gregg Pearson Foundation that allowed Doug to be in Denver with me and Jackson the entire 6 months of treatment.


In Melissa’s (Jackson’s Mom) own words:

Jackson is now one year post transplant and is doing great. He is a busy 3 year old that loves Lightning McQueen, trains, and playing outside. Although that was one of the hardest and scariest time in our life, we grew closer to God and each other. As we prayed for God to cure our son, we also prayed that God would use all of this for His Glory.